Cai Zhi Hua - Irene Cai  

My English name is Irene Cai. My Chinese name is Cai Zhi Hua and I was named by my father. It means 'keep Chinese spirit forever.'

My writing is about my life and feelings as a common Chinese girl. If you come here often you will know more about China.

Thank you and enjoy yourselves!

My friend - Alvin Liu

I met Alvin Liu in an online English chat room. When I enter a chat room, I usually look for anyone to chat with me.

I dislike talking about my age, but many people like to ask such questions at the beginning.

Alvin Liu was a different person from them and his English is very perfect.

He told me he was working in Foshan. It is a city of GuangDong province in China.

We were talking about our work and life. He never asked me about my age, education and where am I from. We talked about our troubles and happy things.

He told me he had a girlfriend and he knew I had a boyfriend too. He wanted to introduce his girlfriend to me.

In fact we became good friends but I didn’t think his girlfriend would like me as much as he did.

  irene cai zhi hua china guangdong dongguan tangxia town

He knew I was attending an English training centre and my English really needed to improve. He helped me speak English on phone every evening. He talked with me in English all the time.

If I talked with him in Chinese, he would get angry. He told me if I want to learn English as well as him then I must speak in English all the time.

If I had no chance to talk with other people, then I should speak in English by myself facing the wall. He is a really good friend.

One day he told me one of his company’s customers had arrived and he would soon have to go to Dong Guan city to fix some machines. He suggested we should take this chance to meet each other.

But I didn’t want to meet him at that time. I was afraid I would love him when I saw him, so I refused him. He was very angry.

I told him I can’t see him because I had promised to myself that I’ll never meet my net friends.

He told me if we are true friends it doesn’t matter how we met each other. Even until now we’ve never met. That is my fault. I should never have refused to meet such a really good friend.

Maybe I’ve worried about it too much.

  irene cai zhi hua china guangdong dongguan tangxia town

I’ve only ever seen him on Internet by webcam. He is a very handsome boy.

But he’s never ever seen me by webcam. I’ve only sent a few pictures of myself to him.

Now he has quit his job to go back home and marry his girlfriend. As I know he is a good boyfriend, I believe he will be a good husband and father in the future. He will have a very happy family.

I’m so lucky to meet such a great friend. I will never forget him as my friend, brother and teacher. He is always in my heart.

Good luck, Alvin Liu!

Good luck, everybody!


rawle austin and good friend irene cai zhi hua china guangdong dongguan tangxia town


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Irene Cai passed away on 6 April 2008 - May she forever Rest in Peace



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