Welcome to the GrowlersWorld Universe. Or 'The GrowlerVerse' for short. The GrowlersWorld Universe is a kind of virtual creative laboratory where I visualize all manner of ideas. Transforming them from imaginative concepts into reality. Featuring action adventure, supernatural, sci-fi and fantasy elements.

All wrapped around superhero fiction, anime and wuxia storytelling and my own original designs. Pioneering and developing innovative superhero concepts. You'll find great characters, great stories and great visuals! Inspired by my love of superhero comic books it aims to showcase the Fantastic among the Ordinary!

Rawle Austin presents...

And suddenly... The Vanished!!

Glendon Grey didn't expect to be given the power of TechSorcery. But a new superhero was born and the world has never been the same again. Able to manipulate the ambient mystical energy all around us and use it to do amazing supernatural things. Earth, air and water are under his control and an be moulded to do whatever he pleases.

He can do all this and more, due to meeting the mysterious people known as the Vanished! This is the first of a new batch of sketches. I've tried various dynamic poses from different artists to experiment with different looks. Starting with this page I will include both the coloured version and the plain pencils so you can see the progression.


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